Friday, June 30, 2006

Versatile, Multi-use, Multi-purpose air cleaners, air purifiers, air scrubbers, air filtration systems

Versatile, Multi-use, Multi-purpose- Allerair designs and manufactures air cleaners, air purifiers, air scrubbers, air filtration systems for every indoor air quality problem. Multi-Use, Multi-Purpose air filtration system, air cleaner, purifier for home, office, commercial, medical, commercial, industrial applications your clean air solution to indoor air pollution

All New Allerair AirMedic air filtration system. Count on the power of the AirMedic to provide the cleanest possible air for your home or office. Combines a cylindrical shape with 360° air intake to remove chemicals, particles, gases and odors on the very first pass.

Wide Range of Models for "Recycling Air" - for your home, home office, office, business, portable desktop units, for people who suffer from MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) and allergies (dust allergy, dust mites, pollen, pet / animal dander allergy) for smoking room or smoking area, for use in Nail salons, welding, soldering fumes, Healthcare institutions (Avian bird flu, seasonal human flu, pandemic flu, SARS), Isolation areas, hospital isolation rooms, infection control, 1000 CFM - 2000 CFM Allerair AW2000 and I6500 Series larger higher powered equipment, for uncertain times like now, we have the 5000 Sentinel model, reduce your risk to exposure to biological, chemical agents. Clean Room & Lab Quality Indoor Air- Introducing our Allerair 600 series- designed for use in laboratory clean rooms, homes, and offices.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How to get mercury fillings removed without exposing yourself to toxic mercury vapor

Here's a great idea: Let's take one of the most toxic elements on the periodic table and put it in people's mouths. That's exactly what dentists have been doing in the United States for decades, as they've been filling dental cavities with none other than mercury. Of course, they call them "silver" fillings, but they're really a combination of silver and mercury, which is, again, one of the most toxic substances on the periodic table of elements.

I call mercury fillings part of the "dark ages" of modern dentistry. Today, more and more dentists are realizing, "Hey, maybe this highly toxic metal doesn't belong in the human body." At the same time, dental clients are increasingly realizing they need to get that mercury removed, because as you chew and breathe, some of that mercury is being ingested by your digestive tract or inhaled into your lungs. Little by little, those mercury fillings disappear out of your teeth. Where do they go? Right into your body. < The rest of the article >

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