Thursday, November 22, 2007

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President's Message

Dear Valued Dealers,

While November traditionally rings in the holiday shopping season, it also marks the start of flu season. This contagious respiratory illness is not only miserable, but potentially dangerous for our clientele with asthma and other pre-existing respiratory conditions. Many customers don't realize that an air cleaner equipped with a medical grade HEPA can actually trap larger airborne virus particles. Below we've included some interesting information on the flu and how an air cleaner can work as a prevention tool.

All the best for a wonderful month and a happy Thanksgiving,

Sam Teitelbaum,


AllerAir Industries

Flu Prevention: How an Air Cleaner Can Help Your Clients

Flu Season: November to April

Who is most at risk for complications?

Asthmatics and those with respiratory problems
• Young children
• The elderly
• People with compromised immune systems

How is the influenza virus spread?
The flu spreads through thee major modes of transmission: large droplets and aerosols (small airborne particles) – spread mainly through coughing or sneezing and direct contact with secretions (on surfaces for example).

What can an air cleaner do?

Large-droplet transmission is the main way in which the influenza virus is acquired. Coughing or sneezing generates a substantial quantity of particles, a large number of which are less than 5 microns in diameter. Small particles are also a main concern because particles expelled by coughing or sneezing rapidly shrink in size as they evaporate.

AllerAir air purifiers like the AirMedic + UV , use medical-grade HEPA filters to capture 99.97% of all airborne particles at 0.3 microns in diameter and a germicidal UV light to help neutralize airborne microorganisms. When combined with other prevention practices, an air cleaner can be an important tool in the annual fight against the flu.

Key Facts About Seasonal Influenza (Flu), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Retrieved Oct. 31st, 2007

Influenza, Public Health Agency of Canada,, Retrieved Oct. 31st, 2007

Review of Aerosol Transmission of Influenza A Virus, Tellier, Raymond, Hospital for Sick Children Toronto & University of Toronto, Perspective Volume 12, Number 11–November 2006

In the news,

Air pollution seen raising preterm birth risk

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A study conducted in Los Angeles County and published today shows the harmful effects traffic-related air pollution can have on pregnant women.

The data suggest that women who live in areas with high carbon monoxide or fine particle levels - pollution caused mainly by motor vehicle traffic -- are roughly 10 to 25 percent more likely to suffer preterm birth (delivery before 37 weeks of pregnancy), compared with women who live in less polluted areas.

This is especially true for women who breathe polluted air during the first 3 months of pregnancy or during the last months and weeks before delivery.

Importantly, researchers report in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the association between air pollution and increased risk of preterm birth persists after accounting for other factors that might influence preterm birth risk such as smoking, exposure to second-hand smoke and alcohol use.

"Air pollution in Los Angeles County remains a major public health problem affecting everybody, particularly pregnant women," Dr. Beate Ritz from the School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles noted in comments to Reuters Health.

Ritz and colleagues collected detailed information for more than 2,500 women who gave birth in Los Angeles County in 2003. By conducting one-on-one interviews with the women, the researchers were able to separate the air pollution risk from other preterm birth risk factors.

"Our research group had previously reported on the effect of carbon monoxide and fine particles, but because we relied on birth certificates, we did not have detailed information about other risk factors that some people suspected might bias our research findings," Beate explained.

This new study, she said, "helps confirm the results we reported previously - that air pollution mainly caused by vehicle traffic increases the risk of preterm birth even when we take other risk factors into account."

Research that identifies the harmful effects of pollution, Beate added, can help policymakers "in weighing the costs and benefits of reducing air pollution, both in terms of dollars and human health."

American Journal of Epidemiology, November 1, 2007.

Did you know?

Do you have environmentally sensitive clients who are concerned about EMF (Electro-magnetic Field). Most AllerAir units can be manufactured with a shielded cable. Ask your representative more about this unique option.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Manila Breathing Easier as ADB Releases Last Tranche for Clean Air Project

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (15 December 2003) - ADB has released the last US$100 million for the Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program being implemented by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) after achieving significant reductions in lead and sulfur dioxide levels.

A recent study showed improvements in blood lead levels among children in Metro Manila compared to 2000 when the unleaded gasoline policy was first implemented. Lead poisoning reduces intelligence quotients, especially in children. At its worst, the level of lead exposure in Metro Manila can cause an average loss of five IQ points in children as well as heart disease and premature death.

"Despite many challenges, the Government has made significant progress with the program and has achieved the benchmark reforms it set for the release of this second and last tranche," notes Yue-Lang Feng, the senior ADB officer in charge of the program.

"The Government will continue its efforts as air quality management and improvement is a long-term process."

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Thursday, October 25, 2007



Health Effects Of Smoke Exposure [air purifier, air cleaner, air scrubber, air filtration models recommended]

Immediate effects of short-term exposure to forest fire smoke include:

  • Sore eyes
  • Tearing of eyes
  • Cough
  • Runny nose

Other symptoms often experienced from smoke exposure in combination with physical exhaustion, psychological stress, and poor nutrition include:

  • Cold symptoms
  • Persistent cough
  • Sore throat

Signs of high blood levels of carbon monoxide (CO) include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Decreased mental function

Intermediate effects exposure to forest fire smoke (from days to weeks) include:

  • Lung or airway congestion
  • Persistent cough

Smoke exposure in combination with physical exhaustion, psychological stress, and poor nutrition can lead to:
Acute bronchitis

Prolonged exposure. It is very unlikely that you will ever experience this from forest fire smoke and little is known about its effects. The risks are probably the same for cigarette smoking, and include heart disease, stroke, chronic bronchitis and emphysema (COPD), and cancer.

Note: The mixture of particles, liquids, and gaseous compounds found in smoke from wild land fires is very complex, and include compounds that can irritate and even injure the tissues of your mouth, nose, throat, and lungs. During past fires in Florida, an increase in emergency department visits was seen for asthma, acute worsening of chronic bronchitis, eye irritation, chest pains, shortness of breath, and wheezing.

(MMWR, 48[04]; February 5, 1999, pages 78-79)

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Allerair AirTube Supreme Portable

Allerair AirTube Supreme PortableAllerair AirTube Portable Air Cleaner Desktop Tabletop Air Filtration Air Purifier

  • Total weight of only 25 lbs., the AirTube offers significant power and filtration in a fully portable format.
  • 10 lbs. of double impregnated activated MAC-B™ carbon to adsorb the widest range of airborne chemicals, gasses, odors and VOC’s,
  • Separate medical grade HEPA filter traps up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Variable speed motor, whisper quiet option ideal for bedroom use or in spaces of up to 500 sq. feet.
  • Price:
    AirTube Supreme Exec- $399.98 USD
    AirTube Supreme Vocarb- $449.98 USD
    UV Light (Ultraviolet light) option- add $100.00 USD
[ Allerair AirTube Supreme Portable ]

State bans in-home ozone air purifiers, citing health risks

State bans in-home ozone air purifiers, citing health risks
The California Air Resources Board says the regulation, which takes effect in 2009, is the first of its kind in the nation.

(Los Angeles Times) The California Air Resources Board has banned popular in-home ozone air purifiers, saying studies have found that they can worsen conditions such as asthma that marketers claim they help to prevent.

The regulation, which the board said is the first of its kind in the nation, will require testing and certification of all types of air purifiers. Any that emit more than a tiny amount of ozone will have to be pulled from the California market.

An estimated 2% of the state's households have one of the so-called ozone air purifiers, according to air board staff research, and the staff estimated that more than 500,000 people had been exposed to levels of ozone above federally recognized health standards as a result. More than 2 million California residents have some sort of air purifier, and other types can be safe and effective, the air board staff said.

"This is a landmark decision," said Mary Nichols, chairwoman of the Air Resources Board.

"State government needed to set up [its] own standards on air purifiers because many [marketers] indeed are deceiving the public," said former Assemblywoman Fran Pavley, who sponsored a law requiring the board to rein in so-called ozone generators. "There are reports of ozone being generated in someone's living room . . . at levels equivalent to having a Stage 1 smog alert right in your own house."

The new regulation, which takes effect in 2009, will exempt industrial and commercial uses of ozone generators, as long as people are not present.

read more

Editor's note:

The California Air Resources Board has posted a partial list of air cleaners they believe emit too much ozone. View it here

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

RSU (Radial Scrub Unit) and RAP (Radial Air Purifier) Series


RSU (Radial Scrub Unit) and RAP (Radial Air Purifier) Series

RSU (Radial Scrub Unit)

  • AIR FILTRATION AIR PURIFIER AIR CLEANER BAD ODORS CHEMICAL FUMES TOXIC GASES ODOR REMOVALAmong the notable users of the Allerair RSUs are the U.S. Navy and Delta Airlines. These units are relied upon for odor and VOC removal by a broad range of industries.
  • The Allerair RSUs are operating in prison armories where weapons are cleaned, chemical laboratories, and a multitude of manufacturing companies where people must work with high concentrations of VOCs such as Xylene, Toluene, Benzene, Chlorine, Cyclohexanone, MEK and MPK.
  • The RSU (Radial Scrub Unit) Space SaverTM Series is cylindrical in shape and, depending on model, has a footprint of 19 inches.
  • This is a ductless, re-circulating air scrubber with built-in casters so it can be easily rolled around on your floor.
  • It has a 360 degree air-in draw, and is efficient in removing approximately 90% of all gas phase contaminants (VOCs) per air pass.
  • It filters the air of dust and contaminant gases, then ejects the cleaned air out the top of the unit to the ceiling.
  • The gentle ceiling to floor air pressure generated by the RSU creates the correct form of air movement needed to force heavier than air VOCs toward the floor to then be captured as they are drawn through the RSU carbon cartridge.
  • Specifications, details of the different configurations of the RSU (Radial Scrub Unit)


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Monday, July 23, 2007

AllerAir HEPA air filter

If you are going to invest your money in an air purifier, you deserve a machine that works. When our engineers design an air purifier, it is built to remove as many pollutants as possible without adding chemicals back into your indoor environment. Our air purifiers use the largest activated carbon filters in the industry to give you the most protection from chemicals and odors. Particles like dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and even viruses are all removed indiscriminately by an AllerAir HEPA air filter. Within our air cleaners, each component is as inert as possible, designed to prevent toxic airborne chemicals from ever being created.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Isolation Room Isolation Care Air Filtration System with Gel Sealed HEPA Filter on a Knife Edge

Gel pressure on a knife edge seal prevents by-pass leakage from filter chamber to maximize filtration efficiency

FILTRATION:Isolation Room Isolation Care Air Filtration System Gel Sealed HEPA Filter on a Knife Edge

  • 2" pleated pre-filter to protect HEPA for a longer life
  • Gel Sealed on a knife edge HEPA filter 18" x 23.125" x 12" Metal Framed
    Gel pressure on a knife edge seal: prevents by-pass leakage from filter chamber to maximize filtration efficiency
  • 2 speed blower, 450 to 700 CFM (1050 Free Flow): factory balanced and tested to ensure quiet, vibration free operation

Other features:

  • 20 gauge, powder coated steel, which does not allow any off-gassing designed to fit with any decor
  • Non moving, lockable 3" wheels for easy maneuverabilityIsolation Room Isolation Care Air Filtration System Gel Sealed HEPA Filter on a Knife Edge
  • Ducting options, positive pressure, negative pressure application
  • download pdf brochure

  • $4999.98 USD
[ Isolation Room Isolation Care Air Filtration System with Gel Sealed HEPA Filter on a Knife Edge ]

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Allerair "Pig Extractor" Air Filtration Systems

Allerair "Pig Extractor" Air Filtration Systems: mold remediation, hospital construction renovation contractors, chemical fumes odors removal, negative air pressure, positive air pressure options

Introducing the ALLERAIR "Pig Extractor"
Air Filtration System, Air Purifier, Air Cleaner, Air Scrubber

  • Motor- Variable speed, 735 CFM, 110V, delivers 450 CFM
  • Pressure-sensitive indicator light turns on when HEPA needs to be replaced
  • Mold, asbestos abatement, remediation in schools, hospitals, commercial building,
  • Hospital contractors / renovation, construction, disaster restorators, etc.
  • Negative air pressure , Positive air pressure applications- comes with one flange adaptor for a 12 inch diameter flex hose.
  • Dimensions: 25" (length) x 18.5" (height) x 15" (diameter)
  • Four (4) configurations / models to choose from
  • Color: Black with yellow and black safety stripe

Wall Mounted / Rack Mounted Air Filtration System for Dental Laboratories

Air Filtration System, Air Purifier, Cleaner for Dental Laboratories Monomer Lab Unit, Printed Circuit Board Component Soldering Fumes, Chemical Fumes, Gas, Odor Removal, ReductionWall Mounted / Rack Mounted

Wall Mounted / Rack Mounted Air Filtration System for Dental Laboratories
Printed Circuit Board Component Soldering Fumes
Other Chemical Fumes, Gas, Odor Removal / Reduction Applications:

  • Wall mount
  • Medical grade HEPA filter (up to 4" HEPA filter)
  • Activated charcoal / carbon filter (up to 30 pounds of activated charcoal)
  • Ideal for fumes and airborne particle removal
  • Variable speed, 735 CFM motor / blower
  • $1299.98 USD plus shipping
  • Optional:
    Wall mounting bracket: $199.98 USD
    Steel rack: $159.98 USD

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Manganese - Manganism and Welding Fumes

Manganese - Manganism and Welding Fumes

Manganese is an essential trace element that is required in the human body for many enzymatic reactions. While manganese deficiency rarely occurs in humans, manganese toxicity from overexposure to this toxic metal can occur in certain occupational settings - like welding and ironworking - through the inhalation of manganese-containing fumes.

Many welding rods contain manganese, which becomes airborne and breathable during the welding process. If the welder is not protected, the inhaled manganese vapors can travel through the blood stream to the brain. An excess accumulation of manganese in an area of the brain known as the basil ganglia can destroy healthy brain tissue. The result is a serious and often crippling neuro-degenerative disorder known as manganism, or manganese related parkinsonism. This disease is characterized by Parkinson-like symptoms, including:

  • tremors and shaking
  • loss of balance
  • slow and clumsy gait
  • impaired coordination
  • leg cramps
  • muscle rigidity
  • speech disturbances
  • impotency
  • loss of memory and concentration
9175 Welding Fume Extractor, (with Spark Arrestor), Soldering, Chemical Fumes, Odor

pictured here with 5' x 4" diameter articulating arm

Manufactured to provide maximum protection in welding and soldering environments, this Allerair fume extractor removes noxious fumes, chemicals, gases and particles from the air using 40 lbs. of high powered MAC-B™ activated carbon and HEPA filtration. Fume extractors can be used with one 6" specialized hose, or two 4 " hoses and features a specialized spark arrestor for optimal safety. Choose from a number of optional flexible-arm attachments to remove fumes and particles from a targeted area.

The only extractor which provides the utmost in safety and protection while offering serious fume mitigation and a spark arrestor.

Dimensions: 16" x 20 " x 24"
Shipping weight: 160 lbs.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Month of February, Love is in the air

President's Message

Dear Valued Agents and Dealers,

February is here, and though the winter blues sometimes set in by this time, it is also one of the months where vendors of air purifiers can provide the most help to clients. The cold weather and extra time spent indoors increases the rate of colds and flu, and worsens asthma symptoms. Especially in these cold months, an air purifier with activated carbon, HEPA, and UV can dramatically improve a person's outlook on winter, and their overall health. The UV option is particularly useful this time of year as it provides an extra level of protection against bacteria and viruses.

I am also going to take the opportunity in this newsletter to give you a short introduction to TiO2 (Titanium dioxide) purification technology that is available in some of our newest units. In previous newsletters it has been mentioned that we will be incorporating this technology in our air purifiers, and thus it will be beneficial to give a brief overview as to how it works.

TiO2 is a photocatalyst, meaning that it reacts in the presence of light. When exposed to light, TiO2 reacts by breaking down organic compounds in the immediate area of where it has been applied. Environmental toxins such as nitrogen oxide are broken down. As odours are created by organic compounds (VOCs), TiO2 acts to neutralize these odors. Furthermore, TiO2 works to break down microbial contaminants such as bacteria and mold. TiO2 is an odourless, non-toxic compound used in many consumer products such as toothpaste and soap. By combining TiO2 with UV light, AllerAir products makes use of this photocatalytic reaction to purify the air passing through our air purifiers.

We are very excited about the possibilities for this new technology, and you will certainly be hearing more about it in the future from us. For more in-depth information regarding TiO2 and our newly launched products, please contact our sales department.

Have a great month,

Sam Teitelbaum

President, AllerAir Industries

Understanding Asthma
How does weather or the time of year affect children with asthma?

In addition to being cold and flu season, the winter months can also increase asthma attacks in children. Children spend long periods of time indoors during the winter months. There, they are exposed to a variety of asthma triggers, including animals, dust mites, chemicals, viruses and bacteria that cause infection. In addition, when children are outside they are exposed to cold winter air, which also trigger asthma attacks.

From Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

In the news:
US Labor Unions Sue Bush Administration for More Protective Gear

Two prominent labor organizations have sued the Bush administration for failing to protect nearly 20 million workers from job injuries. In 1999 the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) proposed a rule requiring employers to pay for protective clothing, face shields, gloves and other equipment used by workers. But before the proposal became a standard, Mr. Bush was elected to office. Since then, the Department of Labor has neglected to enact the standard.

The personal protective equipment (PPE) rule would require employers to pay for safety items that protect workers from job hazards. Many workers in the nation's most dangerous industries, including meatpacking, poultry and construction, who have high rates of injury, are forced by their employers to pay for their own safety gear because of the failure of OSHA to implement the PPE rule. According to OSHA's own figures, 400,000 workers have been injured and 50 have died owing to the lack of the PPE rule.

The full story can be found here
Source: People's Weekly World

Coming into her freshman year, Erica Cone never expected she would end up with a handful of health problems. Cone, a business administration major, moved into the Kentucky Hall Laurel Wing room 111 in August and moved out in late October 2006. According to Cone, she noticed a "weird smell" in her room on move-in day. Not knowing what it was, she decided to try and live with it. Cone said her room was different than most because it was next to the showers, so she had an air duct on one side of her room.

"It kind of smelled like a locked-up house," Cone said. "So I just figured we needed to open the windows to let it out."

Cone said she and her roommate found mold in the air vents and ceiling tiles of the room.

…Cone said her health problems included fluid in her lungs, damaged cartilage in her ribs, bruised diaphragm, pulled muscles around her ribs, sore throat from coughing and an ear infection. According to Cone, instead of going back to maintenance she went to housing and they moved her out of that room in four days.

"It took three months for me to recover from all the damage to my ribs from coughing," Cone said. "I do, however, still have a hard time breathing. I've noticed this during times when I'm working out, giving presentations or walking. This never occurred before."

Source: The Northerner

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Adsorbent for Chemical Fumes Gases Odor, Use anywhere to remove the odors

Use anywhere to remove the odors- car, auto, sport bag, garbage, cigarette, cigar, fridge / refrigerator, bathroom, pets, cooking, RV, diaper pails, closets, basements, gyms, offices, hotel rooms, lockers, storage areas, cupboards, rental cars, wherever odors may be problemTub O' Carbon Odor Buster

Activated Carbon Charcoal Air Filtration, Air Cleaner, Purifier, Scrubber
Adsorbent for Chemical Fumes Gases Odor

Use anywhere to remove the odors- car, auto, sport bag, garbage, cigarette, cigar, fridge / refrigerator, bathroom, pets, cooking, RV, diaper pails, closets, basements, gyms, offices, hotel rooms, lockers, storage areas, cupboards, rental cars, wherever odors may be problem:

  • Use anywhere to remove the odors- car, auto, sport bag, garbage, cigarette, cigar, fridge / refrigerator, bathroom, pets, cooking, RV, diaper pails, closets, basements, gyms, offices, hotel rooms, lockers, storage areas, cupboards, rental cars, wherever odors may be problem100% Unbeatable In the Fridge!
    Eliminates nasty fridge odors. Preserve the flavor and freshness of your food. It helps to slow down the ripening process by adsorbing the ethylene gases produced by fruits and vegetables.
  • Completely Safe and All Natural
    The Tub O' Carbon Odor Buster contains no chemicals or added fragrance and does not mask odors, it eliminates through a process called adsorption.
  • download PDF brochure
  • Ordering your Tub O' Buster Odor Buster
    12 Tub O' Buster Odor Buster for $60.00 USD plus actual UPS shipping cost
    Place your order, call our toll free number: 1-888-395-0330 / 1-800-626-0664