Saturday, November 26, 2005

Nature of tobacco smoke

Nature Of Tobacco Smoke

  • air purifier, air cleaner, air scrubberTobacco smoke consists of nicotine, tars, water vapor, carbon dioxide, and a substantial number of chemicals and many other irritants. Tars adhere to walls, furniture, carpets, clothing and other articles having large surfaces. After most of the vapor and smoke in the air has been removed by the impregnated carbon media (found in Allerair air cleaner, air purifier, air scrubber ), the walls and other surfaces may retain a film of liquid tar, much of which slowly evaporates back into the air.
  • Carbon media is the most adsorbent material known to man, and is the adsorbent of choice by the military, industry, healthcare institutions, and of environmental organizations. Allerair air cleaner, air purifier, air scrubber have models with 7 pounds and up to a 160 pounds of activated carbon media. Google- more on activated carbon , activated charcoal
  • Allerair D/S and DX/S series with the double activated carbon media together with a matching smoke specific pre-filter (Tar pre-filter), does not hide or mask the odors, chemicals and gases as some other systems do. Allerair units do not use Ozone, which itself has been labeled a pollutant. According to the American Lung Association and Health Canada, it is dangerous to one's health when you breathe in additional ozone.

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