Sunday, April 02, 2006

Welding Fumes - Manganism

Manganese is an essential trace element that is required in the human body for many enzymatic reactions. While manganese deficiency rarely occurs in humans, manganese Air Filtration toxicity from overexposure to this toxic metal can occur in certain occupational settings - like welding and ironworking - through the inhalation of manganese-containing fumes.

Many welding rods contain manganese, which becomes airborne and breathable during the welding process. If the welder is not protected, the inhaled manganese vapors can travel through the blood stream to the brain. An excess accumulation of manganese in an area of the brain known as the basil ganglia can destroy healthy brain tissue. The result is a serious and often crippling neuro-degenerative disorder known as manganism, or manganese related parkinsonism. This disease is characterized by parkinson-like symptoms, including:

• tremors and shaking
• loss of balance
• slow and clumsy gait
• impaired coordination
• leg cramps
• muscle rigidity
• speech disturbances
• impotency
• loss of memory and concentration

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