Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Explosion Proof Air Filtration System, Air Scrubber, Air Cleaner


Explosion Proof Motor and Switch

This customized explosion proof unit also features special carbon blends, an after-filter housing, complete with a 95% efficiency particulate filter. Units must be hard wired by a licensed electrician.

Backed by unparalleled expertise in air quality control and a superior filtration system, Electrocorp cleaners are individually customized, industrial air filters that target airborne pollutants. Our units offer more filtration media than any other manufacturer, with the deepest carbon bed filters for chemicals, gases and odors.

Clean air is recognized as a vital component for overall comfort, workplace health and safety, and productivity. According to research from leading organizations like the EPA, WHO and Health Canada, indoor air pollution may pose more of a public health risk in North America than outdoor air pollution.

Green Features

Green Features:
All-metal Housing
Ozone-free filtration technology
Energy efficient
Refillable carbon canisters
Styrofoam free
North American sourced parts and materials
North American assembly


Call 1-888-395-0330 / 1-800-626-0664 for help in choosing the right air filtration system, air purifier, air cleaner, air scrubber for your needs - we're your source for genuine Allerair & Electrocorp replacement filters and parts.

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