Monday, July 25, 2011

Air cleaners for small spaces

Use it in any enclosed space:

  1. Safe and All-natural
  2. The GREEN way to remove odors.
  3. Better than baking soda!
  4. Safer than chemical sprays and fragrances!
  5. The same material used in military gas masks!

How Does it Work?

The Air Purifier for Small Space contains activated carbon, a natural substance that is specially treated to open up millions of tiny pores that trap odors, chemicals and gases. This type of carbon is used in military gas masks, in hospitals and by large food-storage facilities.

Prolong the Life of Your Fresh Food

Tired of throwing out rotten fruits and vegetables? The Air Purifier for Small Space adsorbs the ethylene gas released by produce and helps slow down the rotting process.

Completely Chemical and Fragrance-free

The Air Purifier for Small Space contains no harsh chemicals or added fragrance and does not mask odors, it eliminates them!


"I love the Air Purifier for Small Space! I use it in my son's hockey bag WOW what a difference! This is truly a miracle product." - Valerie Roberts

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