Saturday, February 11, 2012

Electrocorp / Allerair AirRhino 2000 Upright, Air Filtration System, Air Scrubber, Air Cleaner

Air intake is through the top. Filter configurations depends on the model of AirRhino 2000. 220V motor / blower is available.

Highlighted section is where the filters sit inside the AirRhino 2000. It can be fitted with Poly dust pre-filter, Wire-frame pre-filter, 12” HEPA filter, 100 lbs. Activated charcoal filter, as well as a Dust bag filter.

Motor / Blower- 1000 CFM, variable speed. The exhaust of the filtered air is on the bottom / side panel of the Electrocorp AirRhino 2000.

AirRhino Air Filtration System, air cleaner, air purifier in the Vertical / Upright, Narrow Footprint configuration (18x24) and Standard configuration (24x24)
Order / More Info: Call 1-800-626-0664 , 514-421-0658, Skype: lito.espinosa, Email:

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