Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring time allergy / allergies, molds, pollen, dust, hay fever relief

Spring time allergy / allergies getting you down, slowing you down??

We can help reduce your exposure to these allergens and provide relief.

Look no further. We have a complete line of home and office air filtration systems for every budget.

We employ tried and proven materials for filtering, purifying, cleaning, scrubbing your indoor air. We use HEPA filtration for removing / reducing airborne particles (dust, molds, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, etc.) in your indoor air. We use Activated charcoal filtration to remove / reduce chemical fumes, chemical gases or off-gasing of chemicals (bad odors / odours , fragrances from air fresheners, cleaning products, electric home and office appliances such as printers, photocopiers, fax machines release chemical gases, etc)

Home & Office indoor air purifiers featuring Activated Carbon / Charcoal and HEPA

Hepa filter and activated charcoal carbon filtration

AllerAir believes in making air filtration systems, air purifiers and air cleaners that truly clean your air - not partially clean, but completely clean. That's why we believe that all indoor air purifiers need activated carbon / charcoal in addition to high quality HEPA filters.
Other air filtration systems, air purifiers and air cleaners focus on filtering out particles, but AllerAir air purifiers featuring activated carbon / activated charcoal go one step further and protect you from the harmful chemicals, gases and odors present in every home and office.dangerous airborne chemicals, gases, fumes and annoying persistent odors
This complete approach to building air purifiers tackles all the main irritants that affect poor indoor air quality: dust, pollen, pet dander, pet hair, dust mites, dangerous airborne chemicals, gases, fumes and annoying persistent odors like cigar and cigarette smoke and pet odors.

Our air filtration systems, air scrubbers, air cleaners, air purifiers are available in 110 Volts as well as 220 Volts (for use by our customers outside of North America – Europe, Asia, Middle East, etc.)

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  • Outside of North America - +1-514-421-0658 or Skype: lito.espinosa

Visit our website at : http://www.airpurifiers-r-us.com/index.html or http://www.allerairsolutions.com/

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