Thursday, February 09, 2006

IVF - in vitro fertility clinic (s) air filtration system

Use in a in vitro fertilization program (lab)Allerair Air Purifier Air Cleaner Air Filtration System- Equipped with HEPA filter, Activated Charcoal / Carbon filter, Optional UV Light

Yes we have two of the Aller Air units.

We use the units in a in vitro fertilization program and need to filter out biological particular, and odors (airborne organics). We routinely test the lab for biological contaminates (bacteria) using culture techniques and particulate materials by microscopy examination. While we do not test for airborne organics per se, their effect on culture of our embryos would be readily apparent if there was a problem.

Since we started using the units we have had no problems with airborne organic interference with culture and have had no positive tests for bacterial contaminates. While we still have minor dust problems (which comes from our house air supply) they have been greatly reduced by having the freestanding filtration units in the room (I would estimate 80 - 90% reduction).

So, yes, overall we are extremely pleased with the units and have no problems recommending them to others.

TT University, TX

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