Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Battelle News

Battelle News


"(1) Breathing Easy: Indoor Air Quality - Increasingly energy efficient homes have created interiors that are a virtual soup of odors and fumes from indoor pollutants. Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors and often the quality of air is worse than what we find outdoors. Homes and commercial buildings are sealed so well that despite circulation by heating and cooling systems, odors and particulates swirl around with nowhere to go-but your lungs. Respiratory problems including asthma and allergies are on the rise and can be attributed, in part, to mold and mildew spores; outgassing from synthetic fiber used in building materials and carpets; pet hair and dander; outdoor pollens that become trapped indoors; and inadequately vented cooking and food odors. What's a gasping and wheezing homeowner to do? What you're likely to see on the market and in homes by 2010 are products for advanced air venting, air filtration and biosensors that help fight humidity, mold and other indoor pollutants."

"(8) Mite Wars: Battling Mites and Molds in Bedding, Furniture and Carpets - These buggers are hard to get rid of and increasingly are being blamed for a host of different major allergies. Mites, which look ferocious when viewed under a microscope, are tiny insects that can be found throughout the home. They particularly love warm, dark and damp fabrics that are typically found in bedrooms. Researchers today are exploring the ways to kill mites using light and to fight mold by reducing humidity. This work will be stepped up in the coming years as the government and companies declare war against mites and mold."

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